The Vatra(Vatran is the plural) are the earth elementals of Elmaria. They were the first to appear after the creation of the planet and as such are one of the oldest elementals. They use their magic to shift earth and rock, locate ores and accelerate their growth. The Vatran are salamander-like in appearance and have a slow, cumbersome nature. However, they have been known to be spontaneous, this is shown in earthquakes and other natural disasters. The Vatran aquire life force for their magic by bathing in lava in underground caverns. The average age for a Vatra is 2,000 years, one of the longer-lasting elementals. Additionally the Vatran do not need to beathe.

Desert Vatra

There is a secondary species of Vatra that before the Rift dwelled in the desert. This species aquires life force by absorbing sunlight.

Post-Rift Vatran

After the Rift, with about 90% of the world's Vatran in ICF possession, they are used for mineral extraction and regeneration.

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