Amber Sucker: A derogatory term for the Alikya, referring to their dependance on plant life, and reiligous dogma towards their culture.

Curm: Originally, a derogatory term for natives of Bemkaki. Now it has spread to be an insult to any race or ethnicity.

Hoop: A term for a pill of any kind, mostly over the counter. Example: Dude I scored some hoops at VicariMart!

Sour: Slang for the drug blolaxibentrin, a hallucinogenic pill used during parties.

The League: A shortened term for the Builders' Leage United.

The Big League: A term for the members of the Great Boardroom, used by the members of the Builders' League United.

Finn: A shortened term for Finnegan and Sons most popular and orignal beverage, Finnegan and Sons Soda.

Off the Prime Air: First class, wealthy.

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