List of Famous People in Elmaria

History of Elmaria:Edit

The history of Elmaria is broken up into several eras. Each start and end with an event, either gradual (dawn of humanity) or sudden (Grand Rift.) This article will cover all of Elmaria's history from the creation to the planet to "present day," billions of years later.

Creation of PlanetEdit

The God Elmaria was injured in the God War by a trickster god, Xoth-Shotebhnoi. Elmaria, wounded, fled to a solar system and created a planet around her, and with that planet a magic system based around giving Elmaria life force. She thought if sentient life did evolve then they would trade life force was power, giving her life force, healing her quicker. Elmaria still waits, healing and collecting life force, and is prepared to burst out of her shell and destroy the planet, rejoining the God War, as soon as she can.

Formation of Planet and ElementsEdit

This process was very similar to the early geological history of Earth. First the planet was just a ball of magma in space. As the planet cooled, the Spirit of Elmaria created the Vatra to watch over the domains of stone and magma. Time passed and eventually a thin atmosphere formed. Elmaria created the Del'larii to watch over the skies and weather. Soon after, oceans began to form and the ***Meloria*** were tasked with guarding them. With a now fertile earth, air, and water, Plant life appeared. The Othanati were tasked with guiding this new life form. Othanati also protected animals to some extent.

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