Helena Blackwell is currently the sole CEO of Vicaricorp and Minister of Health Sciences in the Great Boardroom. Initially, when she came to her current position of power some years before, she wasn't alone. For two years, Helena and her sister, Honoria, ran Vicaricorp. Then for reasons not explained to this day, Honoria broke into her own headquarters and freed many of the Elementals hidden there. Helena, upon discovering what her sister was doing, attempted to stop her, but was foiled by an accident inadvertantly caused by Honoria and her rabble of escapees.

Left with half her body augmented, Helena blamed the injury and the mysterious disappearance of Honoria on a freak accident said to have killed the late co-CEO. Many grumbles among the populace have been raised on this sketchy story, some wondering what both CEOs were doing in the headquarters in the middle of the night. But these were quickly silenced and refuted.

Despite literally being half the woman she was, Helena has manage to juggle keeping Vicaricorp as prosperous as it was before Honoria's disappearance, as well as organizing ongoing searches into the surrounding swamp-like forests for the escapee Elementals while hiding her true intentions of seeking out and "paying back" her sister for her injuries.

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