There is only one government in Elmaria. Composed of near a dozen CEO's of the world's monopolies and a puppet chancellor, the government is really a group of chairmen.

Elmaria is a confederacy of small, usually walled city states. For this reason the ICF, the shortened term for the government, does not have full reign over these cities. Instead, there are various types of systems that govern a city state. Some have a democracy, allowing it's peoples to vote on a series of candidates. Most of the time at least half of those candidates are tools for the ICF. Even if a non-ICF related candidate is elected, the shadow police will deal with them.

In other cities there is a monoarchy or simple rule by one leader. All of the leaders of the hundreds of city states report to orignal thirteen at the Great Boardroom. The Great Boardroom presents a "State of the Union"-esque speech every year, along with several smaller talks to the general public. They also rule over aspects of the government, such as safety, health care, propoganda, military equipment, and other such parts. Each come together to form a large and apparently well working government to the general public. Though while in the Great Boardroom, dark topics are brought up constantly. These can include the drugging of water, as Finnegan & Sons does to the public's water supply, or the murder of homeless for the use of their life force.

List of Council Members in the Great Boardroom:Edit

Chancellor Rhome, Head Leader of the ICF

Senator Shark, CEO of Finnegan & Sons, and Director of Public Works.

Senator Bescim, a guild member of Builders League United, and Head of the Economic Committee.

Minister Trulmin, CEO of BioSynth Minster of Technology and Research.

Director Javvik, CEO of Barrel Media, and Director of Governmental Media.

Minister Sillsworth, CEO of I Dream of Alice, and Minister of Culture

Senator Doors, CEO of South Star National, and competing to be Head of the Economic Committee.

Minister Blackwell, CEO of Vicaricorp, and Minister of Health Sciences.

Minister Ingraham, CEO of Helping Hands, and Minister of Education.

Minister Bruce, CEO of Bruce Co., and Minster of Transportation.

Minister Pillarski, CEO of Hades Corps, and Minister of Energy.

Minister Wegmann, CEO of Horn of Plenty, and Minister of Agriculture

Senator Avello, CEO of Cher Plaisir, and Director of Labour

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