Once the Rift of Elmaria settled down, and the elementals were slaughtered and pushed back, humanity began their next era, one of industry, advancement, and immense wealth.

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Major Monopolies:Edit



Barrel Media

Finnegan & Sons

Hades Corps

Bruce Co.

I Dream of Alice

Cher Plaisir

South Star National

Helping Hands

Builders League United

Horn of Plenty

Smaller CompaniesEdit

Subsidiaries, or guild companies in the League's case, are noted with the intials on the side of each companyEdit

Strongman Construction (BLU)

Pinnceio Firearms (BLU)

Vectrolin Home Goods (BLU)

Nenva (BLU)

Home Value (BLU)

Paragon Eletronics (BLU)

Einswheel Mining (BLU)

Arkensin Steel & Lumber (BLU)

White Beach Publishing (BLU)

Pyramid Gas (BLU)

MuscleMansion (VC)

Chandler Tobacco

Abbot Air (BC)

Gualti (HP)

Jacobson Atomic

Jitterbug Snacks (HP)

Ceebeck Dairy (HP)

Black Button Eatery (HP)

Muninn Broadcasting (BM)

Chuckwagon (HP)

King of the Jungle (HP)

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