The biological animals in our world are somewhat the same as the animals on Earth. There are minor variants or subspecies of animals found on Earth some of which have been used for domestication and animal husbandry. There are no fantastical animals other than the four elementals.

Elmaria is, in ways, more varied than Earth. They possess numerous strange species of organisms, many in the bacterial form. Due to the leaps and bounds the genetic engineering department of Vicaricorp and Horn of Plenty, both flora and fauna have been created in the laboratory that were not previously possible. An ability of the Othenati is to use plants as extra eyes and see through them, so the government has taken precautions against the elementals using the plants in their buildings or areas. Most of the precautions include using fake plants, ones made of out of plastic (or replacing the role of trees with abstract art or statues), or genetically engineering the plants to be around half plastic. The cause for genetic engineering on animals has been mostly to support the need of humans. This can either be for pets, sercurity measures, or a food source.

In other instances the animals and plants of Elmaria are influnenced by the human behavior. Radiation has been a huge issue in Ibuana, mutating and creating new species. Humans have had impact, whether drilling into the groud or the flying of aeroplanes.

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